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Remote Services

I offer remote training and behavioural sessions to anyone via zoom video call. 

through discussion I will tailor a training/behavioural plan to suit you and your dogs needs. 

I will then be on hand once a week to go through a session with you while you train. to help with any troubleshooting and to answer any questions you may have.

Remote Training 

- An initial zoom consultation session to detail what it is you want from training 

- Bespoke training plan tailored to you and your dog.

- 4 x 45 min zoom calls to discuss through the plan and techniques

- Training feedback

- Video analysis (send a short video to get feedback on the training)



Remote Behavioural modification

- Initial zoom consultation to discuss the behaviour and how to progress

- Bespoke behaviour modification plan to address the behavioural needs of your dog

- 4 x 60 min zoom call to discuss progress and answer any questions

- Behaviourist feedback

- Video analysis (send a short video of behaviour for review) 

Initial Behavioural assessment: £50

bespoke behavioural plan and 4 weeks of guidance through a 1 hour video practical handling session and telephone support: £200


Video Analysis

Capture a video of a behaviour your dog performs that you want analysed. Provide some context of the scenario; environment, other dogs, people, what happened prior and during the behaviour. 

- Receive an analysis of what the behaviour is, why it may be displayed, is it ok? and how to manage in future if needed. 


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