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T's & C's

The terms and conditions  


By booking an appointment you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions outlined below.  


  • Dog training is a process that takes time and commitment. Behavioural change takes practice, consistency and patience, and is not done in one session alone. In signing this agreement, you are confirming your commitment to the training plan provided and to your dog to create positive change. 

  • Some dogs may learn quicker than others. However, dogs require multiple sessions to successfully implement their new behaviours. Any further sessions required will be discussed.  

  • Dogs are individuals and as such there is no one training technique that works for all dogs. Jack’s dog behaviour and training may suggest different ways to change your dog's behaviour after assessing and working with them. Due to this there is no 100% guarantee of changing your dog's behaviour with any specific training technique.  

  • under no circumstances does Jack’s dog behaviour and training condone the use of aversive training methods (I.e., use of force, coercion or physical punishment) nor any aversive equipment (I.e., prong, choke, shock, or e-collar). Any use of this equipment already will be asked to be removed and where necessary alternative non-aversive equipment will be suggested. As such you agree to obtaining new equipment for your dog at your own expense if required.  

  • All dogs will be on a lead during training sessions unless otherwise agreed with Jack’s dog behaviour and training and the disclaimer signed. 

  • Although we will endeavour to keep all training sessions running for the agreed time, the trainer will use personal judgement and cut the session short, if necessary, due to extreme weather (excessive heat, Storm, etc). The trainer may also end the session if it is deemed unsafe for the dog, members of the public or other animals. Where this happens Jack’s dog training and behaviour will reschedule another appointment at a suitable time and/or location.  

  • All dogs that have displayed aggression and/or have a bite history are advised to wear a muzzle, in some instances this will be mandatory in assessing the safety of the situation. Jack’s dog behaviour and training takes no responsibility for dogs who are not muzzled or kept under control during our session or outside of the session. 

  • We are fully insured. However, any accident or injury during the training session will not be covered if you have failed to follow the advice given by the trainer or failed to use the appropriate equipment suggested. 

  • When entering your premises, we ask that all dogs be kept under control. Most meetings we will meet the owner outside first without the dog present. Failure to keep the dog under control and any injury caused by your dog will be your full responsibility. 

  • In some instances, Jack’s dog behaviour and training may use a stooge dog to aid in the training (if deemed appropriate). It is your responsibility to keep your dog on lead at a sufficient and safe distance away from the stooge dog. In instances of severe aggression or bite history you may be asked to muzzle your dog. 

  • All dogs must wear a collar and tag 

  • All dogs must be microchipped 

  • Cancellations must be made in writing with 7 days' notice. Otherwise, the booking will be forfeit and you will be subject to the fees. 

  • By agreeing to the terms and conditions you grant Jack’s dog behaviour and training permission to publish of any images and videos of you and/or your dog 

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